Step1 is for adding a new location, and step 2 for an Agency. If adding a location to an existing agency then you don’t need to do step2. Make sure the Agency Tag name matches the other locations in #14(Step1)

Step 1: Add Agency Locations (Add locations first otherwise Agency will not have the tags it needs)

  1. Add location post(One post is needed for each location)
  2. wp-admin –> posts –> Add New
  3. Provide agency name and a number. ie “agency_name 1” (For first location): This name does not appear anywhere
  4. Click Edit with Elementor
  5. Click on Grey Folder Icon to “Add Template”
  6. Select My Templates Tab
  7. Insert AgencyWithMap Template. Example data is populated
  8. Update Info for new location in the text editor
  9. Add Address to Google Maps widget
  10. Save, Exit
  11. wp-admin –> posts –> Quick Edit New post you just created
  12. Under categories select the locations focus (ie Recovery Housing)
  13. Under categories deselect uncategorized
  14. Under Tags enter the Agency Name (Will be the same for all locations for that agency and will not be seen. Do not use any commas as they are the tag separator)
  15. Click Update
  16. Repeat process for each location incrementing the number in Step 3. If there is only one location then you can go to Step2.

Step2: Add Agency

  1. wp-admin –> posts –> Add New
  2. Provide agency name (This name will show up on the agency directory later)
  3. Click Edit with Elementor
  4. Click on Grey Folder Icon to “Add Template”
  5. Select My Templates Tab
  6. Insert AgencyLIST Template (All agencies will initially show up)
  7. Select Posts Section, then Query Toggle on left
  8. Under Term: Click x to delete “Action Health Center)
  9. Start Typing in Agency name tag used in Step1(#14)
  10. Select your new agency with the Tags: prefix
  11. Verify the correct locations are showing up
  12. Save, exit
  13. wp-admin –> posts –> Quick Edit New post you just created
  14. Under categories select “Agencies”
  15. Under categories deselect uncategorized
  16. Under Tags add the Letter of the alphabet you want the location to populate. ie Lucidia would be “L”, The Indiana Agency would be “I”
  17. Click Update

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