Indiana Recovery Network
Focusing on: Peer Recovery Services
Service Site: Indiana Recovery Network – Statewide resources for recovery support service organizations
Address: 1431 N. Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
County: Marion
Telephone: 317-638-3501
Fax Number: 317-638-3540
The Indiana Recovery Network has been specifically designed for the use of recovery community organizations and resources, to make their day-to-day work in helping those who are seeking or are in recovery more efficient and effective through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration statewide, individuals seeking recovery support services, to help them navigate the options, and parties involved in the public health, the community or family services to further engage with and support the recovery community.
Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM, Saturday N/A, Sunday N/A
Walk-in Hours: Monday N/A, Tuesday N/A, Wednesday N/A, Thursday N/A, Friday N/A, Saturday N/A, Sunday N/A
We are handicap accessible.
Our focus is on: Peer Recovery Services
Our primary service(s): Peer
We offer the following services: Connect to Peer Recovery Coach
The gender populations we serve are: All/Anyone
The age populations we serve are: Adolescents, Adults
The payment types we accept are: No Cost
We do not offer childcare at our location.

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