Indiana Recovery Network (IRN) and Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition (IAIC)
Focusing on: Peer Recovery Services
Service Site: Indy Recovery Engagement Center (REC)
Address: 1431 N Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
County: Marion
Telephone: 317-631-2000 Ext 1001
Indy REC provides a safe space with no-barrier access to peer recovery support services for all community members regardless of the chosen pathway to recovery, or where an individual is in their recovery journey.
Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM, Saturday N/A, Sunday N/A
Walk-in Hours: Monday N/A, Tuesday N/A, Wednesday N/A, Thursday N/A, Friday N/A, Saturday N/A, Sunday N/A
We are handicap accessible.
Parking, entrance, hallways, provider offices, etc. all accessible.
Our focus is on: Peer Recovery Services
Our primary service(s): Peer
We offer the following services: Connect to Peer Recovery Coach, Other-We offer groups, individual recovery coaching sessions, sober social activities and events., Peer Recovery Case Management, Video conferencing option
The gender populations we serve are: All/Anyone
The age populations we serve are: Adults
The payment types we accept are: No Cost
We do not offer childcare at our location.

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