The Referral, Assessment and Plan (RAP) Project is a partnership between the Marion County Public Health Department and many community organizations to align providers that serve persons with substance use disorder (SUD) and their families in Marion County and the surrounding areas.

The RAP Project aligns these providers via four key initiatives:


    • Continuous communication meetings between providers in Marion County

    • transportation toolkit that includes information on free or reduced-fare transportation available to those in need of transportation to SUD services

Prior to the RAP Project, providers helping SUD populations establish long-term recovery in the community experienced challenges in knowing all existing and new service alternatives available to clients, and in efficiently and effectively referring clients to other providers. To address these challenges, the RAP Project conducted a community-wide assessment by using surveys, interviews, and focus groups to identify the barriers to effective communication and coordination between providers as well as tangible solutions to those barriers. Participating provider input collaboratively helped to shape and implement the key initiatives of the RAP Project. The final product of the RAP Project is the creation of the

Individuals can learn more about the assessment and planning phase of the RAP Project by reviewing the following Executive Summary.


Individuals can learn more about the final closeout document for the project by reviewing the following Final Report.


Special thanks to the community partners who assisted in bringing the RAP Project to fruition – these partners are listed on the Partners and Participants page.

Questions about the project or providers interested in being included in this website can contact:


Dean Babcock


Epidemiology Department

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